9 comments on “Dirty Dutch Football
  1. This plan of winning anyhow is not sports, kind of legacy of ugly Dutch colonialism. Thank God that better footballing side won.

  2. Congrats Spain, well deserved!
    Webb had a great game IMHO. No blame on him at all.
    He tried very hard to keep it 22 players on the pitch for as long as he could and the Dutch should be just be very happy they were 11 even at half-time.
    Embarrasing that the Dutch blame the ref after such an obivously pragmatic effort.
    I have had a weak spot for Dutch football ever since 1974-78 but this was help to get rid of that vibe. To violent and too much bickering after the whistle. Come back with beauty and less Shaolin

  3. Zidane got a red card for doing this with his head.It’s disgraceful that he was allowed to keep playing

  4. You’re kidding guys, this was a unlucky foul. As you can see he tried to hit the ball and unluckily he hits Xabi: Rightly yellow.
    There are a lot of doubtfull duels in every game, think about that Puyol tries to stop Robben with his whole body without any intention to play a ball at all (not punished at all?!?). A few minutes after a duel Iniesta gave a body check to van Bommel, the ball was at least 20 metres away!?? Unbelievable!! Overall, Spain was definitely more lucky with the decisions of the ref (think also about the not given corner kick and in the counter attack spain scores…)!
    At all, Spain played a bit better and they won with luck, but that’s what you always need to win the Cup! Congrats Spain!

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