Fernando Torres to miss upto a month

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MRI scans show Fernando Torres has ruptured his adductor muscles and it is feared that he will miss the first month of the Premiership. The Liverpool striker needs three weeks of rest and then will undergo an isolated training program.
The injury is described as a grade 1 adductor rupture which means that Torres might have torn about 10% of his muscle fiber. Adductor strains (groin strains/ pulls) are quite common in soccer players- about a 7% incidence. In Grade 1 injuries:
An athlete may be able to have a normal gait, but would have pain on any increase in the intensity or speed of movement (moving from a light jog to a sprint).
This requires 3 weeks away from any sporting activity. Initially conventional physical therapy measures includes lots of ice and compression to control swelling and pain.
Next, gentle stretching exercises, tissue mobilization, and heat are added to regain the full range of motion and prevent tightness/ muscle spasm before any active exercise regime can be considered. By the 3rd week, rehabilitation includes adding lunges and plyometrics before moving to sport specific skills.
It could be the end of August/ early September before Torres takes the field. He also has to be careful because adductor strains if not properly healed can become chronic.

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