Maradona rails against the injustice of it all

Diego Maradona is miffed with Julio Grondona and Carlos Bilardo for “forcing” him out of his job as coach.
He said in a voice that was broken with sorrow...”Grondona lied to me. Bilardo betrayed me.”
Etc ….

2 comments on “Maradona rails against the injustice of it all
  1. i am copying pasting what i have written about this topic:
    For the history, Maradona struggled so much under Menotti time in Argentina (sort of Messi today). Bilardo came, and brought sunshine to Maradona. He made a big bet. Fired all stars, including the WC winner captain Passarella, and assigned Maradona as the captain. In 1986, he rented a home in Napoli and made a setup for Maradona to have extra exercises, things that are not related directly to football. Focus, concentration, movements …. anything you can imagine without a ball.
    This why Maradona in 1986 was very exceptional. So, I was sure Bilardo back again, this is a great bless for Argentina.
    But, soon Bilardo resigned.
    Now, Bilardo and Maradona are rivals.
    If this is true, that Bilardo worked in the shadow to fire Maradona (the coach), then a big salute to him, to save Argentinian football and save the beautiful football in general for the world.

  2. N. Waleed, very good. I read about Bilardo mentoring Maradona to become one of the greatest players in the history of the game. But Bilardo was not treated well by Maradona when he became coach and went out of his way to antagonize him – refusing all advice on tactics, selections, and assistants. In the end, Bilardo realized that there was nothing he could do to mentor Maradona the coach.

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