MLS All Stars vs Man Utd today!

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MLS All-Stars meet Manchester United in the All-Star Game (8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2).
There is reason for optimism in the MLS – the clubs are riding a wave of confidence with their performances against the likes of Man Utd, City, and Spurs.
The matches so far have seen and this is what one likes the best- a good deal of disciplined ball possession. A bit of Spain in each of the clubs, be it Kansas City or the Red Bulls but they have managed to find players to pass to. It’s not been the speculative sort of football where one hopes a player gets open to score- rather there is a lot of interlinking between players. The result is a fluidity and a purpose that was missing previously.
We also have a lot of individual talent right now in the MLS which makes it a lot more exciting, dynamic, and at the same time, paradoxically unpredictable. Because players like Macoumba Kandji, Kei Kamara, and Thierry Henry can score in so many different ways and out of nowhere.
These are exciting times for the MLS and one can see why Greg Lalas gives the All Stars a thumbs up to win today. Well, I would too but for El Chicharito – hopefully the All Stars on the field are not caught up in Chicharito watching.

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One comment on “MLS All Stars vs Man Utd today!
  1. It was a very entertaining watch, and while the score (5-2 Manchester United) was a bit lopsided, both teams played good ball. It was not the dead match that the AP reported.

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