Octopus Paul plans to appear in Bigg Boss

Octopus Paul commemorated sand sculpture.jpg
A World Cup sand sculpture in Bhubaneshwar, India with Octopus Paul
Octopus Paul is landing a few big gigs after his eight for eight prediction.
The Oracle of Oberhausen is all set to make an appearance in the Bigg Boss TV series in India, which is based on the UK’s Big Brother where housemates are voted off.
According to Bild, producers of the TV show have approached the Oberhausen aquarium, to make arrangements for Paul to be shipped to India every week to make his predictions.
From thereon? Bollywood beckons and Octopus Paul might do hot item numbers tangling with Bipasha Basu and Jhingi Jhingawalla.
In addition, he was also made a honorary Spanish citizen. Which gets him an inside track to Pedro Almodovar – so look out for “Tie me up, time me down: Part 2” or “Life without a Spine”

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