Spain vs Germany: What to look for?

It could come down to a Euro 2008 moment when Fernando Torres blew by Philipp Lahm.
Vicente Del Bosque brings in Pedro who has shown a lot of pace, industry, and just a bit of that X factor that could throw Germany offstride. A refreshing quality about Pedro is his ability to let go with some long distance bombs which have netted him quite a few goals at Barca. He can also operate as a winger out on the right.
Fernando Torres has been kept back but in the event Spain has trouble kick starting its attack, he could be Del Bosque’s ace. So far its been an extremely forgettable World Cup for the Liverpool striker. He meets a familiar foe in the Germans which might jog his muscle memory into doing something equally big.
If Spain can keep Germany from going ahead and holding them scoreless as the match goes deeper, it favours their patient and probing approach. Lots of ball possession and build up between Iniesta and Xavi and a sudden outlet to Villa or Torres. They are the slowest team bar the North Koreans. But they are also the quickest at regaining back a lost ball. It’s part of that Barcelona “pressing” strategy which will see two or three players swarm a German player.
Spain has been bogged down by lack of a wide game – the danger is everything forced down the middle will become entirely predictable. Look for Del Bosque to introduce Jesus Navas or David Silva to keep the Germans honest.
The Germans on the other hand are very quick and all they need is Spain losing the ball for an instant and they will be on the counterattack. Trochowki’s inclusion means that they will not miss a step.
Spain had Marcos Senna on the field for Euro 2008 but the Germans have Bastian Schweinsteiger in 2010- the Rojas do not have anyone quite like him. Omnipresent on the field- his heat map reads like a rampant metastases. Schweini can deliver the ball from Manuel Neuer’s feet to the feet of Miroslav Klose. Throw in a Ballack like ability on set pieces and we have the most complete player this World Cup.
Although the protean Germans switch points of attack frequently they do like going down that left flank which will keep Sergio Ramos and Carlos Puyol very busy. The Bastian Schweinsteiger- Mesut Oezil- Lukas Podolksi nexus will find a way to Miroslav Klose, who smells history.
The Germans will be looking to correct that Euro 2008 result. They have all the reasons to keep their sights trained on a fourth World Cup title. Spain has never been to the World Cup finals. If they succeed today, we have two countries in the finals in a position to go to never achieved heights.

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