Why Torres will stay at Anfield

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A groin pain. If you cannot adduct, clubs will not abduct.
He did wear a LFC scarf at the World Cup, which really does not mean much. But the reason why he will stay is because at this point he is an injury risk. He might have a “beef with the club” but who is buying – at this point the market for injured players even one as talented as Torres is small. Realistically, there are only three clubs that can afford him.
Chelsea might be interested but they seem to be holding their counsel because of his frequent injuries which has played havoc with his productivity. At this point plonking down millions of pounds in a downturn, (reportedly £60million) on a player prone to injury is not such a smart idea. The big spenders of a few seasons ago are on a budget.
Real, another club which might fancy him, saw another record breaking transfer case in Kaka struggling through a misdiagnosed injury. Plus, Mourinho seems more interested in going after wing backs rather than another striker. Which leaves us with City, who have shown that there is never a striker they did not like. But if Torres fancies CL competition, he is not going to get it at the Eastlands.
Injuries like the one Torres suffered are never a good sign. Just as you are speeding, you pull up and then crumple to the pitch without contact in front of the world. The image does not inspire confidence in clubs who are in the market to buy. Adductor strains are notoriously chronic and they impinge on acceleration and force used to strike the ball. This is the third time that Torres has injured the same group of muscles.
What defines El Nino is his speed- the sort that he used to blister Philipp Lahm. If that facet is in question, then only Liverpool is a safe bet because they have already invested money on him, brought Joe Cole on board as bait, and are negotiating to get new investors on board which should take away the ownership issues which Torres might have.

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