Emir Spahic claims Arsenal transfer on the cards

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Emir Spahic, a central defender at French club Montpellier and the present captain of the Bosnian national team has reportedly claimed that an Arsenal move is imminent. Montpellier has denied any such negotiations.
This comes out of the blue as L’Equipe, the publication of note in all French football matters had no information except for a Sky Sports report. Apparently Spahic was quoted in an interview given to a Bosnian media outlet.
The Daily Mail had more on the Spahic rumours with the defender saying:
“The most important thing is that so far the negotiations go as planned and that the transfer could be completed soon.”
At 29 years of age, the deal is supposedly worth €8.5m for four years – which itself is laughable. There is no way Wenger will plonk that much money down on a journeyman so late in his career. This is the sort of money one pays Bolton for Gary Cahill, a defender who is 5 years younger and knows the Premiership. Chalk this down to silly season.

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One comment on “Emir Spahic claims Arsenal transfer on the cards
  1. “Suite à la dépeche AFP parue ce matin indiquant que des négociations seraient entamées entre le MHSC et le club anglais d’ARSENAL à propos du transfert d’Emir SPAHIC, le MHSC dément avoir eu à l’heure actuelle le moindre contact avec le club anglais à ce sujet.”
    I can translate the whole thing, but simply, the club denies ever being in contact with Arsenal about Spahic. I was surprised though that they don’t say whether the interview took place or not.

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