Fabregas stays classy

The man in the eye of the storm opens up and says matter of fact:
“Firstly I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I have not known what I was going to do until this moment. I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was an attractive move for me. This was the club where I learnt my football, it is my home town where my friends and family are and a club where I have always dreamed of playing. There are not many players in the world who would not want to play for Barcelona.”
He gets all classy and inspirational at the same time. A gem.
” I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch, that is the only club I will be thinking about. I am looking forward to the start of the season and putting this speculation behind me.”
Now who else is going to step up to the plate and match Fabregas in his dedication to the club. We need much more of that – not some more of the half hearted, lackadaisical stuff seen on the pitch by some of the Gunners during last season.

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One comment on “Fabregas stays classy
  1. I’m at Man Utd fan but I have always loved the way Wenger’s teams have played and I hope Arsenal can do well this season. With Hodgson, ‘pool will be back in the top 4 I suspect and ‘arry and Spurs will challenge as well. I don’t think Mancini’s Cit-ay will be able to cut it but I wouldn’t mind being proved wrong there, too.

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