Video: Rafa Marquez vs Cobi Jones

Rafa Marquez will not have very good memories of the 2002 World Cup when he was sent off for coming flying in with his studs up catching Cobi Jones in the small of the back and viciously headbutting him with no intention to play the ball whatsoever (at 3:07). The USA beat Mexico, 2-0 to enter the quarter finals.
Speaking of Jones – he was a handful coming on as a sub in the second half and Donovan should have gotten a third goal from a brilliant cross by the LA Galaxy winger.
Marquez might not get much love from the fans who remember this incident well.

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4 comments on “Video: Rafa Marquez vs Cobi Jones
  1. haha, that brings back memories. cobi jones was a little rascal, though he usually took long runs down the line and lost the ball in the corner. terrible tackles on him that day. can’t help but laugh at donovan’s miss. a sign of trouble that was to come.

  2. I was at that game. I sat in a neutral section (just above the goal where McBride scored) since my Korean wife’s family had gotten me the tickets. The Korean fans were pulling for Mexico but you could feel the USA energy all across the stadium. That was the first time I got the sense the US soccer fans had come of age. Chanting, singing, taunting. That was an awesome day!

  3. Great memories from watching that one. As an aside, I’ve always thought Bruce Arena’s “oh my god taking this shit feels incredible” celebration is one of the greatest coach reactions of all time.

  4. get over it, that was 8 years ago… Marquez has grown up a lot since.
    besides, the MLS should be very very happy with a player like Rafa, who if you ask me, is too good for your league!

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