Champions League: Bremen on the brink push back Spurs

Cracking start by Tottenham on their CL group stage debut. Gareth Bale just becomes more and more awesome as each match rolls by. He was responsible for the first goal although Petri Pasanen executed it perfectly into his own goal before Peter Crouch got to it. Then it was Crouching Tiger’s turn as Van Der Vaart became the Hidden Dragon. It was the Premiership club all over Werder like fungus.
But the German club fought back and just before half time Hugo Almeida glanced the ball past Carlo Cudicini from a curling long cross by Wesley. In the second half, Marko Marin, in the vanguard of the brilliant young German brigade gathered by Joachim Low, with speed and skill finished blisteringly and Werder were level.
A Mikaƫl Silvestre sighting and by all accounts he did quite well against a club he would be quite familiar with. Harry Redknapp should be quite pleased with the result although there is a feeling that Spurs definitely missed out on a chance to do more damage.

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