Down memory lane with Pele..

Just a few pictures and stuff from a memory lane that’s now 70 years long..
Pele’s picture on the front page of a Mexico’70 World Cup team magazine, at the Soccer Museum in Sao Paulo.
pele 3.jpg
Pele poses next to a poster of the documentary film ‘Pele Forever‘ at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
Pele performs on the ‘La Noche del Diez’ (The Night of Number 10), show in Buenos Aires in 2005 (video)
And the prize winning picture…

One comment on “Down memory lane with Pele..
  1. Although this blog barely has any writing, it is still a blog that stands out. Pele is the most famous soccer player in the world. Even people who know absolutely nothing about soccer know about Pele. He is the most winning Brazilian and non-Brazilian player of all time. Pele is the only player to ever have won three World Cups. If that isn’t a feat, I don’t know what is! The pictures that are incorporated in the blog show great angles of Pele. From playing soccer to singing and standing with Nelson Mandela, Pele seems to be such a well-rounded man that accomplished many things in his lifetime!

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