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Kia Joorabchian: Carlito is his cash cow
Surprise. Surprise. It is Carlos Tevez, threatening to leave Man City after submitting a transfer request. The ostensible reason is he is homesick and separated from his children who live in Argentina. Which means that he is leaving to play for Boca or Huracan. No, wrong. He is threatened to go to Real and have his family join him there. See that makes so much sense.
What else makes sense? Oh, yes. He is Kia Joorabchian’s rented mule and the January transfer window is coming up. Joorabchian starts it off by saying how Tevez is unhappy with “certain figures” within the City establishment and wants to leave.
A good guess are the “certain figures” control the club’s exchequer and refused the pay raise.
Tevez feels he is indispensable to the club and so far he has been proved right. He is counting on City’s desperation to change the status quo as well as its bottomless pockets. But as part of the club’s pushback, Roberto Mancini benched him against West Ham and their win proved that there is an afterlife. The more that happens, the less leverage Tevez possesses. The club is now playing hardball with their talisman.
His actions might have the unintended consequence of a more tightfisted approach to transfer spending. City will have to do it at some point with fair play rules kicking in the next two years. Abramovich’s focus on debt reduction at Chelsea seems to have put the freeze on similar such shenanigans from John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Ashley Cole.

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