Liverpool’s miserable season got more miserable

Rafa Benitez’s replacement at Liverpool, Roy Hodgson is also not having an easy go either. Now that the Inter coach has been shown the door, Sir Woy’s critics will be emboldened further. The name of Kenny Dalglish is increasingly being bandied about. And so today it came to pass with Wolves becoming the latest club to inflict yet another embarrassing defeat.
Watch the horrible job that Sotirios Kyrgiakos does clearing the ball – a weak header that bloops straight to Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. The Wolves midfielder’s volley falls between Kyrgiakos and Martin Skrtel and travels to Stephen Ward who manages to evade the onrushing Pepe Reina to slot the ball into goal.
The rest of the game wasn’t much better. This was Wolves second win at Anfield in 60 years. So yes, this was a historic win for Mike McCarthy and his boys.

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