Qatar gets 2022 World Cup

The stadiums inside will have regulated climate controls systems. Outside may not be so much fun in the 45-50 degree heat. Big disappointment for the USA. But soccer in this country is going to flourish nevertheless and if FIFA wants to organize a World Cup at a drop, it need not look further than here. 1994 was a last minute switch and it turned out to be the most profitable choice.
You might call Qatar a quirky choice but this also had to do with the oil rich kingdom putting up all the money and taking on inherent risks thus addressing FIFA’s legal concerns most satisfactorily amongst the rival bids. This includes loss of revenue from possibly depressed ticket sales, TV and broadcasting rights, and merchandising.
Qatar’s royal family has almost $50 billion in personal investments and its per capita income is one of the highest in the world. They are the surest best to ride out untouched by economic vagaries in the next 100 years. Unlike SA, there will be no debate as to whether the World Cup will help them economically or showcase the new post apartheid era. It is purely to push them in the forefront of the world map. A quid pro quo aided and abetted by Sepp Blatter.
” Ambition and megalomania seem boundless in this country, which is less than half the size of Belgium and, beyond the capital, consists of nothing but desert.”
The biggest quandary facing Qatar like SA is they will have to develop a soccer team that can get past the first round. But that too maybe possible because the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani has taken on Josep Colomer’s vision of assembling a future team of stars culled from global talent and luring them to Qatar.
Qatar is not an instinctive first choice but 10 years is a long time to make the world come on board. And they have the money to make even an oil well look interesting. Congratulations to them for winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup.

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5 comments on “Qatar gets 2022 World Cup
  1. i was so impressed by the file that Qatar prepared for the world Cup 2022, and I don’t regard it to oil money only. it is how the money is employed in a smart way
    being from a nighbour country (Saudi), i remember some friends visited qatar on 1990, and as i always hear “it was a country that is so much behind, so boring, there was one big road only, and many times, roads are incomplete, with a lot of sands”
    I visited Qatar a decade later, it was already advanced with skyscrapers and big towers.
    Today, it is one of the hottest real estate in the whole Middle East together with Dubai. Dubai is more fun, but Qatar is as equal fun for real estate dealers.
    What is worth mentioning, is 1995, when Nigeria was about to host to the youth world cup, and FIFA decided to drop Nigeria for health reasons.
    Qatar jumped in, and was ready to host Y-WC in just 21 days.
    Today, Qatar managed to be top of art and compete over Korea, Japan, Australia and USA. I know many people will keep talking aout backstage lobbying. I think if this is true, it is part of the game.
    I was happy in particular to hear that about 40 billion dollars will be spent in the infra structure. This is what will remain with people.
    About the team, Qatar might have acceptable team by next decade. Few years ago, they launched top of art, world class, sport academy aspire for kids and young people
    some players already in olympic and national team came from aspire

  2. They gave the world cup to a country that still uses lashes as a legal, public punishment­. They better set up extra lashing posts outside the matches for when the European nations arrive.

  3. The people of Middle east are crazy about Soccer. I am very happy for Qatar and the rest of the region. We need good news coming from that part of the world. I hope this inspires the youth of indulge in sports rather than violence.
    Also very disappoint­ed with some of the comments here. The people living in Qatar may have a different lifestyle than us, but they deserve this as much as any other nation. Also an event like this will help the liberal forces in the middle east and will be a defeat for extremist.

  4. Not surprised Qatar won the bid. Money talks. And they have so freakin much of it. The bitter side of me hopes their air conditioning breaks in the stadiums in the 120 F heat; hate to have to answer for that!

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