Beckham to play for Spurs

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Harry Redknapp expects Beckham to introduce some class to this Spurs side
David Beckham is set to return to the Premiership after almost seven years. A short term loan move to Spurs is in the works. From the looks of it Harry Redknapp expects him to suit up to play in the FA Cup tie against Charlton Athletic as soon as next weekend.
Becks has availed off these short term loans before to AC Milan which he explains are necessary for him to contend for the England national team. Not withstanding Fabio Capello’s dismissive comments, he still entertains fond hopes that he will add to his 115 caps. As for Redknapp, he believes that having Becks will bolster his wide game and the set pieces. This could work because his quick eye and pinpoint passes could strengthen the counterattacking strength of this pacy Spurs side. Plus, he has similar attributes to Teddy Sheringham who was hired by Redknapp whilst at Portsmouth.
“[Beckham] would be a great influence. When I took Teddy to Portsmoiuth, I said to the others ‘watch him train, watch his technique and how he takes pride in everything he does. Watching how top players practice is better than all the coaching in the world. If it’s doable, it’s a no-brainer.”
More worrying, are the real chances of re-injuring his frail ankle. He had to suffer through a torn Achilles heel which he sustained last year in March while at Milan and saw him miss out on the World Cup as well as a large part of the MLS season. Becks has rehabilitated his trust with fans and team mates like Landon Donovan but it rests on the fact that he return healthy as well as in time for the MLS season. There could be extra-ordinary pressure to make this a permanent move should he fulfill Redknapp’s purpose.

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