Eric Cantona’s ESPN interview

Interview with the football legend, film actor, political activist, and tangential philosopher waxing on his career, international football and his new role with the New York Cosmos
“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown in the sea.”
~ Eric Cantona
Hopefully this is not what will happens to the NY Cosmos if and when it gets off the ground. You can get their jerseys but they have no stadium or players as yet! This is not to say New York/ New Jersey cannot support two teams – a derby clash will be just the boost the sport needs. Cantona’s job as director of football will be to attract the talent and sign marquee players with a modicum of kung fu skills. Just kidding. With Pele and Cobi Jones already on board and Fabien Barthez mentioned as a possible coaching candidate that should not be too difficult.
Meanwhile posters of Pele and the original NY Cosmos have started appearing around the city to create a buzz. Some old football buffs even recognized the club’s mascot Harold, a chimp pictured on a poster next to Pele’s.
For those who anxious to know whether Cantona shows any contrition for his martial arts display against Matthew Simmons, you can relax. He deserved it.

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