In Wenger we trust or should we?

Arseblog draws attention to something that Wenger said in the pre West Brom press conference regarding Thomas Vermaelen’s frustrating injury saga.
“I never expected him to be back before the end of the season”
Now that statement wants to make you perk up. Because it is contrary to what Wenger said during the winter transfer window which ultimately shaped his decision not to seek an additional centre back. Back in January he said he expected Vermaelen to be back in six weeks.
” The time to be back, if all goes well, they tell me is six weeks. A bit more, a bit less I don’t know. But I count six weeks.”
If Wenger’s recent statement is interpreted as foresight it means he was aware that we were going into the toughest part of the season with just three center backs but was willing to gamble on their health. It is an exceedingly foolhardy manager who leaves such things to chance. As feared the best one out of the lot is now injured indefinitely. It makes you question not for the first time, Wenger’s judgment.
We now have to pin our hopes on Squiilaci and Koscielny dealing with long balls and Luis Suarez. And if one of them gets hurt it is Song in the centre and Denilson or Abu Diaby in the holding role. Shudder. We might be in for the longest 90 minute matches.

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