Neymar basks with a mask

Great goal by Neymar against Colo Colo in the Copa Libertadores which sets off a celebration that is borderline narcissistic. The referee is not impressed and books him. This being Neymar’s second offense he is sent off. For those who follow the larger picture Santos piled on three unanswered goals before Colo Colo came back with a brace. It was an ill tempered match with five red cards issued.
What is a player do to celebrate? No taking off the jersey (Cassano). No swearing in front of the camera (Rooney) No donning masks (Neymar). What next. The only way out now is to go down on bended knee and kiss the referee’s hand.

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4 comments on “Neymar basks with a mask
  1. What is a player do to celebrate? I don’t know, one of the millions of other celebrations that players manage to do that doesn’t even breaking the rules of the game.
    Taking Jersey’s off? Boring, Don’t care. Swearing in a camera and breaking broadcast laws? Still Don’t care. Wearing a mask? Still. Really. Don’t. Care.
    All the good and creative celebrations do not involve any of those.

  2. The E: I was being tongue in cheek. Of course, these celebrations are quite silly and have nothing on the real ones like a dance, or a back flip, or saluting the fans. But they’ve been a rash of these “look at me, I’m so cool” ones in the recent past.

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