Rise and Shine: The Jay De Merit story

Stirring documentary about Jay De Merit who arrives in England with a dream of playing in the Premier League and with little money on him scraps around in a non-league club. Two years later he’s playing for Watford in their Premiership promotion match against Leeds and scores in front of 65,000 people sending them to the world’s top league. His Watford exploits in the following year earn him a call up to the USMNT.
Equally compelling is the story of how Ranko Tutulugdzija, the film maker, and a college buddy of De Merit came to make the film overcoming many obstacles including no prior film experience and a life threatening medical condition. In a selfless moment, De Merit learning his friend needs a kidney transplant offers his without hesitation.
As Tutulugdzija explains: ” this isn’t just a movie about soccer, but a human story of perseverance, hard work and belief. And for me this project was done with all heart, and with a sense of gratitude that’s hard to explain, that Jay was willing to lay down his own life for a friend. That is something that the world doesn’t know about Jay, but should. He is more than a soccer player, he is an awesome human.”
They movie is complete but they have to pay off the licensing fees of $150,000 before it can be shown in public. If you want to help with the finances and/or distribution contact: jaydemeritstory@yahoo.com

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