Roman Abramovich: “My team has no personality”

The above headline is not written as mere sensationalism. It is what Abramovich thought of his team after they failed to win the Premiership and the Champions League in 2008. Failure which prompted him to seek a new coach.
The Russian is featured prominently in Carlo Ancelotti’s autobiography “Preferisco La Coppa’ with many anecdotes and observations garnered during their meetings when Chelsea were looking for a permanent replacement for Big Phil Scolari. But the book also gives an insight into how Ancelotti looks at football. The conclusion:
Ancelotti is way too intelligent, well balanced, and witty for this sport. He is also something rarer, an altruist. The book was written with its proceeds benefiting Stefano Bergonovo, a former Milan team mate now stricken with Lou Gehrigs disease. And it is clear he’s the polar opposite of Jose Mourinho.
It should come as no surprise that Ancelotti accepts Zen like that Abramovich will sack him and it poses no problems if that eventuality occurs. He rationalizes accepting the Chelsea job thus“There are worse things in life than working with Abramovich.” An indication of a pragmatic streak. The Russian on the other hand comes across as a fatalist, obsessed with winning, and not terribly enamoured of his team.
Ancelotti on his part is well aware of Chelsea’s lack of creativity when he gives his wish list. But he finds Abramovich anguishing about a certain player. Fast forward two years and this could be the exact words describing Torres.
Even the title “Preferisco La Coppa” or “I prefer trophies” is tongue in cheek, mocking silverware when in actuality it refers to a type of ham (Coppa) from Parma, where Ancelotti was raised. These are the real things in life which we should cherish he seems to be telling us.

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