FIFA reform first: Suspend presidential elections

Does anyone see the irony in FIFA ordering an investigation into an election opponent of Sepp Blatter without the FIFA president stepping aside from the fray? Where have we seen these sort of tactics before? Ah yes, name any totalitarian regime.
Mohammed Bin Hammam, the AFC chairman has till tomorrow to present his defense. The ethics committee will meet on Sunday and deliver its verdict in time for the June 1st election. Say it with me “kangaroo court”. And just like that corruption and the system of unprecedented patronage enjoyed and furthered under Blatter will disappear. Not. He’ll just have vanquished his opponent which is what he wanted in the first place.
Does this not say enough about Blatter that nine of the 24 executive members have either been suspended or are under ethics investigations? Under his watch. The world body needs cleaning up and this is beyond Blatter or his challengers because they’re part of that corrupt system. FIFA need an equivalent of a receivership with an autonomous body guiding that process before we can even think of presidential elections.

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