Gonzalo Higuain’s disallowed goal

Franck De Bleekere was spot on with the decision to disallow Gonzalo Higuain’s goal. The referee blew the whistle just before the striker put the ball in goal because a tumbling Cristiano Ronaldo took down Mascherano from behind while on his way to intercepting the ball from Higuain.
If you look carefully, as CR7 falls his elbow comes down on Masch’s right foot. There is solid contact and the Argentinian goes down and milks it a few times. On this occasion there is no arguing he was impeded. Where Bleekere made a mistake in not awarding a free kick when Pique barged into CR7 kick starting this controversial chain of events.
As is his wont, CR7 was a bit distraught. “It was better not to have come” and “Next time give the cup directly to Barcelona.” He had a bit about Mascherano. ” In England you could never throw him down, here he was dying everytime you touched him”.
He has a point; clearly Mascherano was Barca’s candidate for the hall of shame. But Real had their red card candidates in Carvalho, Adebayor and Diarra all who miraculously survived.
Real were far more attacking this leg but never seriously threatened except at the very beginning and another 10 minute spell in the seond half. The goal conceded by Barca was a result of them getting too cute. The Catalans were the superior team by far and they deserve to go to the Champions League finals. Fans can now cleanse themselves of all the fecal matter thrown by both clubs. We’ll get to see a real football final without Mourinho’s insane clown posse.
On a sidenote it was heartwarming to see the standing ovation given to Eric Abidal who came on in the last minute. He was sidelined following surgery to remove a tumour on his liver.

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5 comments on “Gonzalo Higuain’s disallowed goal
  1. I believe Ronaldo tried to take out Mascherano but he disguised it well, didn’t he? Or could you make the argument that Pique started the dominoes tumbling? Anyways…
    Still though, the Barca players go down far too easily. What makes you think it will stop when the play Schalke or United? I’m not making excuses for brutal tacklers but divers bring it on themselves. See CR7 in the EPL. Messi, on the other hand, rides tackles and it reminds me of seeing old George Best footage. I have rarely seen Messi dive or bitch and moan like so many others do. As a United fan, I’m hoping 1) we can finish off Schalke and 2) have a better showing against Barca in the final, this time around.

  2. ok,whoever created this article is clear and hard barcelona fanboy.Its obvious that barca has whole uefa and their refeeres in controll and whenever they need,when it becomes tough,they got a ref to decide in their favour.So nothing more is needed to say ,football of today is a disgrace,after chelsea v barca game and like 4 penalties that werent given to chelsea,future of football was easily anticipated.What it is today,pure cheating in favour of barca “best team ever” who cant win without help of refeeres.Ktxbai

  3. Does it matter to any sane football fan if it was goal or not? The referees always make mistakes, it’s part of the game, isn’t it?
    If Real was a greater team than Barcelona in these series then it would have qualified with or without the help of two refs. Instead its world-classed players chose to compete themselves in cards, controversial fouls and famous post-game quotes.
    Believe me or not, even such a tragic mistake doesn’t spoil a match more or less than any other mistake during a match.
    So in the end, everything is a matter of perspective.

  4. Kev: I think that was Franck de Bleeckere, the referee’s assessment too. It should have been in fairness a free kick because of Pique’s interference. Barca seems to neatly divide between divers and non divers. Busquets, Alves, Pedro, Masch on one end and on the other end of the spectrum Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa who remain mostly upright. Its as if Pep Guardiola delegated roles for a plan C. But I don’t think this will happen against Utd. English clubs and fans are harder on divers and Barca wouldn’t want that spectacle to define them with the world watching Wembley on 28th May.

  5. Bil: Couldn’t agree more. Barca came off best in these series because it was a better football team. But I blame Mourinho – Real has some great players but he’s not exploited their talents with his anti-football. Every club he goes to has to wallow in filth but it does not seem to matter how he does it because he is so successful.

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