Alfredo Di Stefano expresses his deep sorrow

The Real Madrid legend who spent his youth at River Plate and was part of the championship teams between 1945 to 1947 never lost connection with his former team coming back in 1981 to manage them. His column in Marca shows his deep anguish at River’s downfall.
” I’m sorry these are such mournful times. It hurts all those so much, those who carry the feeling for glorious River in their hearts. So many doubts were visible, so many changes in management, there was no peace. “
He also said that he feared the worst. There were too many cripplingly poor performances coupled with corruption and financial incompetence that saw River’s gradual slide to the bottom and finally out of the first division. Instead of meeting their challenges head on the powers to be abdicated their responsibilities.
Harsh words from the Blond Arrow but he probably channels the emotions of thousands of disillusioned River fans.

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