Arsenal rejects Barca’s offer of £27m for Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas reacts to Barca’s offer: “Only £27m, scumbags!”
The Sun is reporting Barca have made an offer of £27m for Cesc Fabregas which has been rejected by Arsenal who are looking at least £35m.
But here is the pinch. There is absolutely nothing in the piranha like Spanish media on this supposedly huge breaking news. Just crickets. They have a crocked Hamit Altintop on the cover. Neymar in his underwear celebrating the Copa Libertadores. And Joaquin joining Malaga.
Which of course does not make this necessarily untrue but there is very little corroboration to this story. It was reportedly a verbal offer by Sandro Rosell to Ivan Gazidis. When? Where? It also says they’re going to raise the offer to £30m. How did The Sun get this foresight? The biggest story out of Barcelona is that the Alexis Sanchez transfer is taking much longer than anticipated as Udinese have dug their heels. There are reports that Giuseppe Rossi and Juan Mata are being reconsidered in case the Sanchez deal does not work out.
There is a bit of the “where did all the Arsenal transfer stories go so lets cook them up” quality to The Sun’s brief missive. But lets accept it for what it is. The bottomline is if Jordan Henderson, an English U21 footballer and not even the best one on display in the side in the Euro can command £20m, then Fab is definitely double that. This offer does not change anything materially.

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