The real reason behind Jack Warner’s resignation

Jack Warner sat in a corner, eating bribes and hey ……
A five figure annual pension for the rest of his life given by FIFA. Not to mention FIFA dropped their investigation after his resignation. He also gave the finger to former FBI chief Louis Freeh’s investigation into the alleged CFU votes for cash bribery case which led to Mohammed Bin Hammam being suspended from all football related activities.
For his years of service as a FIFA executive he is to receive $37,000 per annum which is well above Trinidad and Tobago’s PPP. Obviously that is just pocket change for someone who has reportedly amassed a $50 million fortune. Most of this is from his real estate holdings including luxury apartments and shopping plazas. He also owns the office buildings which house the T&T football federation and CONCACAF. It is estimated CONCACAF pays him “nearly a third of a million dollars a year” rent. He also has real estate interests in Costa Rica and USA.
Warner’s long line of corrupt activities include using his family owned Simpaul Travel Agency to monopolize the sale of tickets after T&T qualified for the 2006 World Cup. A three match package with accommodation cost $4500. It was later revealed Simpaul made a profit of $2750 per package with total profits exceeding $16 million. Take a look at a more complete list.
It is safe to say Warner’s strong whiff of corruption won’t be missed. But FIFA’s stench remains. There are many others like Warner who find in FIFA’s soil fertile ground to flourish. All with a wink and a nod by Papa Blatter. “What crisis, I say?”
As for Warner he is now concentrating on his daytime job as Works and Transport Minister which sounds like he’s building a bridge to kickback heaven.

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