Theyab Awana shows Carlos Tevez how it can be done

This awkward looking back heel penalty (degree of grace -1.75) had the unfortunate effect of mesmerizing the goalie into thinking Awana was going to moon him when he turned around because his reactions were that of a man drugged on a cocktail of morphine, percocet, and trazodone topped off with 30 shots of moonshine.
But it really means Carlos Tevez and Elano have a better chance of scoring penalties this way.
UAE was already leading Lebanon 5-2 and it was the 78th minute which perhaps emboldened Awana into this lifetime performance. For comparison sake here is Totti’s far more graceful version.

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2 comments on “Theyab Awana shows Carlos Tevez how it can be done
  1. i seen this video and honestly i didnt like the penalty at all. i think it was very slow, and the keeper was very bad. i think the keeper should have saved it, and at that time, it will make more hits on youtube as one of the top bloopers of the year

  2. N. Waleed, it was a terrible penalty. But nowhere near as bad as the goalie. That’s the reason why it’s gone viral. The UAE player faces sanctions for trying this cheap stunt and rightly so.

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