Arsenal: Park Chu Young, Per Mertesacker, and Andre Dos Santos

Andre Dos Santos skills
Holy Saint: As per Arsenal, they haven’t exactly decided to park the bus come transfer deadline, and have signed not dos but three players.
Park Chu Young: The South Korean captain from relegated Monaco is a makeshift signing for Joel Campbell who was denied a work permit. Yet another Arsenal fumble but Arseblog points to the scouting department who have been less than sure footed this summer. The striker will sport the no 9 while in Arsenal for the next two years after which he returns to his country for military training. It’s a makeshift signing but it comes with the benefit of millions of South Koreans tuning into Arsenal games which is a positive step forward in widening their Asian exposure.
Per Mertesacker: Lets hope the giant German centre back signed from Werder Bremen becomes the Robert Huth for Arsenal. His experience and leadership should make up for his lack of quickness. Huth, a tough customer left an indelible impression with his tackles and his cool head was invaluable in dealing with set pieces. Mertesacker with Christoph Metzelder has been a omnipresent presence in the back for Germany but his place is being challenged by a new generation led by Mats Hummels. With Arsenal inducing a fit of hysterical giggles with their Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka bids he became first choice for his cut price appeal.
Andre Dos Santos: Left back is another area dreadfully exposed. Kieran Gibbs when healthy is a lock but his injury problems have become a matter of grave concern. The sub par Armand Traore has thankfully shipped off to QPR. Dos Santos established a reputation at Fenerbahce for his bombing runs on the left flank and brings a Gael Clichy like presence although less is known of his defensive prowess. He replaced Roberto Carlos at the Turkish club in 2009 and challenges Miguel Bastos and Marcelo for a place in the Brazil squad. He was part of the inglorious penalty shootout that doomed Brazil in the quarterfinals against Paraguay in this year’s Copa America competition.
The three signings have one commonality. A lot of experience in both domestic and national levels that will be a great asset in a side that struggles with leadership and composure when the chips are down.
All sorts of rumours doing the deadline. Arsenal are gunning for Yann M’Vila, Marvin Martin, and Chris Samba. Out of these transfer targets the Marvin Martin one makes the most sense because the attacking midfield is where Arsenal have shown a deep drop off in creativity.

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