Cristiano Ronaldo and Pedro both should have had penalties

Cristiano Ronaldo should feel rightly aggrieved because Victor Valdes did grab his leg but the penalty was not given. In addition, Valdes could have been red carded.

Before the Madrid fans get their knickers in a twist Barca were equally hard done by the referee, Teixeira Vitienes who failed to spot or chose to ignore Marcelo’s blatant foul on Pedro in the box. Two wrongs don’t necessarily make it right but in this case both cancel out.
The real story is Jose Mourinho turning around the board’s opinion in his favour after Madrid’s display in the first leg of the 2011 Super Cup. The Merengues showed real attacking intent with 20 goal attempts forcing Victor Valdes into making seven saves. A marked contrast from his negative defensive tactics which cost them the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals from last season and opened him up to unrelenting criticism.

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