Fabregas praises Arsene Wenger

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At long last, Fabregas is at Barca
Cesc Fabregas who completed his move to Barcelona did not forget to praise his former coach.
“Wenger is like my second father. I am here, in large part because of him.”
” Here you have a bad image of him but this is not so, I assure you. You’ve said things like I was kidnapped which is not true. He will always be in my head and my heart. Saying goodbye to him was very hard” he concluded.
On joining Barcelona:
” It is the biggest challenge of my life, competing in the best club and with the best players in the world. But I have no fear. “
He also referred to his departure for Arsenal when he was barely 16.
“People are hurt because I left when I was young, but I’m here to give everything.”
He might also see minutes on the pitch when Real come visiting in the second leg of the Super Copa on Wednesday. That would be quite an introduction. Fabregas will be wearing the number 4 which was previously Thiago’s to have but was set aside for his arrival.
A few thoughts here. Throughout this whole saga, Fabregas conducted himself with the utmost restraint and dignity. His new -old club and his team mates did not. Even Wenger and Arsenal were found petty and short sighted. Really, there is only one winner here and it is Fabregas. Barcelona might have found their future number 4 but they paid a price in goodwill and conduct. Arsenal lost because they refused to acknowledge the writing on the wall and failed to move for quality additions. In sum, Barca should acknowledge that Cesc’s development under Wenger went according to plan. They get a player more than capable of taking over the reins from Xavi when he finally bids adieu.

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One comment on “Fabregas praises Arsene Wenger
  1. Finally, the longest transfer saga has finally finished but it has come at a cost. Barcelona have really spent money to impress the world again how brilliant their midfield is when they have already shown it for the past couple of years. Can’t they see that they need to get a centre back if they really want to trophies again? Don’t get me wrong here and I am sure everyone in the whole world has been saying this that Cesc is a great player of great qualities. He knows the Barca possession game very well infact ever since he has been playing in La Masia when he was 10 but in truth Xavi is in his best form and we have a new, young emerging midfielder Thiago Alcantara who not just score one of teh best free kicks in the Under 21’s World Cup but had a grade A+ preseason for Barcelona in the States.
    On the other hand in our defence we see that Pique and Puyol are our only two defenders who have had plenty of experience in their position. On numerous of occiasons we have seen that we have to get Busquests, Mascherano and Abidal to replace Puyol or/and Pique when they are injured. These three players haven’t had enough experience at the centre-back position. With Milto taking too many injuries and was released a few weeks ago we don’t have anyone else to replace Pique or Puyol. We cannot rely on Andre Fontas and other reserve defenders to fill in their positions because they haven’t had first tem experience yet and it will take some time for them to develop into quality defenders. Even though we got Cesc cheap from Arsenal, I still reckon that we have gone over our banks to get someone who we don’t need when we do need someone in the backs. mI hope next season or in the half-year sale they we will become wise and buy a centre back.
    May I also add that where is Cesc going to play in the starting line up?
    After a brilliant season, both Xavi and Inestia won’t really be heading the benchs, will they? I also don’t think that he will play in Busquests position because he hasn’t had enough experience playing as a defensive midfielder. The most likely position will be heading the benches and coming on for either Xavi or Inestia.
    Even with my negitive comments I am pleased that he has come back. I don’t think I could stand another season with another long transfer saga and anyway he wasn’t really committed to Arsenal in the last few weeks. He should be playing against Real tommorrow in the Supercopa. Enjoy your stay Cesc! Welcome Back!

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