Spurs opener on schedule despite fast spreading riots

The epicenter of the riot fast spreading through London was but less than a mile away from White Hart and led to the Spurs ticketing office being looted. It was where Mark Duggan, a Tottenham resident was shot dead by the police which led to peaceful protests turning violent. The riots have spread to most parts of NE London and now to Brixton in the south. Rather than these riots being organic it seems they’re being orchestrated and propagated through Blackberry Messenger.
Anger at the severe austerity cuts introduced by the Tory government which have impacted socio-economically poorer neighbourhoods disproportionately seems to be partially fueling these riots. Much of this also has to do with opportunistic vandalism. Many of these communities are in NE London which includes Tottenham and Walthamstow.
Today, the Spurs management came out with a statement saying the season opener against Everton was on track.
“We can advise fans that at this stage the game is going ahead and the club is doing everything it can to ensure that this remains the position. Fans are advised to please check the website for further updates and in particular travel details as we shall look to advise fans on best available travel options.”
There is good cause to be alarmed because historically there is a positive correlation between worsening socio-economic standards and violence in football stadiums. The deterioration not coincidentally comes on the heels of law enforcers put on the defensive after the phone hacking scandal exposed their complicity. The London police have come in for much criticism for their disorganized and slovenly response to the riots. The message of austerity also does not sit well with the spectacle of escalating football ticket prices pricing out less well to do fans. Their sense of injustice may lead them to reclaim the game.

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