Mourinho accepts the blame gracefully..

…and then calmly shifts it on to Sami Khedira’s lack of “sufficient intelligence.”
“My player knows about these situations and fell for the trap.That’s why I make him partly responsible for the defeat and I don’t have a problem doing so. It is also our fault, mine and my players.An important part of the meeting I had with my players today covered similar situations to those of Khedira’s red card. I didn’t think one of my players could fall for such a trap. You prepare for games as best as you can and this is the response you get.”Players have to be sufficiently intelligent to know how to react and to avoid these situations. You also have to feel it in your gut if the ref will allow it.”
Then he also blamed the negative tactics of the opposition.
“I congratulate them for being clever. They know how to waste time and how to not give the ball back. They know this because it’s also part of football. Our players don’t feel comfortable in this sort of habitat and Levante know it.’
A classic case of the kettle calling the pot black.

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