Paradinha’s gone wild: Amir Sayoud’s disastrous effort

The Arab Spring seems to have have had a liberating effect on penalty taking. This is Amir Sayoud’s PK for Egyptian side Al Ahly which looks like he was attempting a Paradinha (a Brazilian stutter step) but instead falls flat on his face. To add insult he received a yellow card and lots of counseling from opposing side Kima Aswan who were losing 0-4. Worst penalty ever?? You be the judge.
Update: The Paradinha is not illegal. It is the perception of it being illegal that has largely prevented the acceptance of the paradinha outside of Brazil where it first originated. Pele was the first practitioner. His hand picked successor Neymar has perfected the technique. FIFA has not outright banned it but has given directives to referees to consider a more general guideline under the “unsporting behavior” category to treat it as a punishable offense.

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