Carlitos to Juve?

Juventus pushed themselves into pole position to acquire Carlos Tevez. On offer: £21m for the much troubled striker. Juve’s Serie rivals, Milan are also interested but their loan offer for the next six months with a possible permanent deal at the end of the season was not attractive to City, who are looking to get rid of Tevez permanently.
PSG is still in the running but have yet to come up with a figure that matches City’s £25m fee demand.
With Tevez who knows where he will end up? He’s now evincing interest in playing for Boca Juniors for at least six months and is open to taking a massive wage cut.

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4 comments on “Carlitos to Juve?
  1. Tevez crying about moving back to Argentina to be close to his family are like a hoax…….. There is too much competition in the City Team for Tevez to make even a Start from the bench…. Plus his attitude lacks commitment

  2. When Tevez wants to play and is on form, he’s as good as anyone, his workrate and goalscoring ability are top class. However, he never seems to leave clubs on good terms, essentially you buy him with his ego as an added extra!

  3. It is imminent that Tevez will leave Man City this January, the trouble for anyone looking to buy him is that he comes with a reputation, which ever manager decides to buy him is going to have to be very aware of this.

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