Dog day afternoon: Harry Redknapp’s tax evasion

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Rosie gets an offshore bank account. What’s in it for Buster?
Harry Redknapp maintained an bank account in Monaco into which Portsmouth’s then owner, Milan Mandaric kept sending him secret payments or “bungs” to the tune of £187,000 as commissions from transfers. This was in lieu of bonuses promised to Redknapp when he was at Portsmouth, as director of football, and then manager. The Crown’s case alleges he did not pay taxes on them.
The payments made were over Peter Crouch’s sale to Aston Villa in 2002. This is a new development as Redknapp was investigated a few years later for profiting from Rio Ferdinand’s West Ham transfer in 2000. He was arrested by the London Police in 2007 and later released as part of an ongoing series of football related corruption charges which also looked into Sam Allardyce’s dealings amongst others.

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