Five reasons why Tevez’s PSG deal might fall through

Carlos Tevez’s potential transfer to PSG has been compromised with the two parties not seeing eye to eye on the way forward in his footballing career rather than any financial reasons. Tevez’s demands as per his agent, Kia Joorabchian, included:
1) Limiting Carlo Ancelotti on the number of training sessions he has per day and making conditional his participation in them.
2) Returning to Argentina to be with his kids even if its on the day PSG play the Champions League final for the first time in club history.
3) Reserving the right to refuse to enter the pitch if he believes Ancelotti should have started him.
4) After every goal, celebrating with a 5 minute dance where he would hug, kiss, and make out his shin guard called Flopy.
5) PSG erecting a statue in honour of his arrival at the Parc des Princes. Tevez said he was already a living legend and if Thierry Henry could have one, why not him?
The two clubs left making overtures are Milan and Inter, and it is believed that Tevez’s demands there include the two clubs conduct their business in Lunfardo and a live feed of every Boca Juniors match so he’s not culturally isolated.

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