Kean’s unpopularity tied to Blackburn’s owners unpopularity

Here is some insight into why Rovers fans hate Steve Kean. They actually hate the owners just as much for their bewildering decision to sack the hugely popular Sam Allardyce installing Kean in his place. The reason was never fully explained. But this seems to be par for the course for an ownership whose intention is to marginalize the board right from the inception.
While Kean might have won some bragging rights with wins against Arsenal, Utd, and most recently Fulham, the inescapable fact is he’s won just four games which keeps Blackburn squarely in the relegation zone. Venky’s has not just shown its ignorance of how football ought to be run but in doing so revealed a provincialism that is very disturbing and not good for business.

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One comment on “Kean’s unpopularity tied to Blackburn’s owners unpopularity
  1. Good points for sure. I personally think Kean is damned if he wins and damned if he doesn’t, fans didn’t agree with his appointment in the first place so every excuse to vent their frustration and they do which if we are honest, really doesn’t help the squad. Blacburn need to stick together if they are to survive.

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