Carlos Tevez: Life as a dog under Roberto Mancini

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Lasse Hallstrom’s classic did not feature Carlos Tevez
Last week it was the Anfield cat decidedly unimpressed by Brad Friedel’s overtures, yesterday it was Carlos Tevez whining about how he was “treated like a dog” by Roberto Mancini.
Lets face it, Joleon Lescott scoring City’s winners is a sign of serious trouble because Wayne Rooney has ominously kicked it up a notch for Utd. We at Soccerblog had predicted Tevez would be back and play an important part in City’s push for their maiden Premiership title because consistent scoring from their frontline has been an issue of late.
Lo and behold, despite Tevez’s metamorphosis into man’s much kicked around best friend under Mancini, there is now a rapprochement between the two which should see a gradual return to first squad action. After all that negotiating for the highest bidder failed, the Stockholm Syndrome is very much at play. Tevez in his hundredth revisiting of the episode at Munich.
“I never refused to play,” said Tevez. “I refused to keep warming up. He’s [Mancini] in the middle of an argument, so then he tells me to keep on warming up and treats me like a dog.”
Warming up is never a good idea? Isn’t it a precursor to coming onto the pitch? And wasn’t Tevez on the bench when he refused. Anyways, despite the words, in a nutshell, Tevez needs to play to be considered one of the sport’s peers and enhance his marketability while City need his goalscoring, a consistent feature last season leading to their first CL appearance.

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2 comments on “Carlos Tevez: Life as a dog under Roberto Mancini
  1. Nobody doubts that Tevez is a great player, but often overshadowed by his bad behavior within the team, that is why regardless of the quality of this player, I do not know to what extent his return affect or benefit the team.

  2. Enrique, quite true about Tevez but he also knows his playing days are numbered and if he’s to leave City then he at least has to behave for the rest of the season.

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