Evra snub: King Kenny, Suarez issue statements of contrition

Liverpool’s management had seen and heard enough. Kenny Dalglish’s head in the sand post match interview coming on the heels of Luis Suarez’s dastardly snub of Patrice Evra’s handshake were considered damaging enough for their MD, Ian Ayre, to come out condemning their striker.
In particular, Suarez’s promise to shake hands with Evra made earlier in the week and then reneging caused much anger.
” We are extremely disappointed Luis SĂșarez did not shake hands with Patrice Evra before yesterday’s game. The player had told us beforehand that he would, but then chose not to do so. He was wrong to mislead us and wrong not to offer his hand to Patrice Evra. He has not only let himself down, but also Kenny Dalglish, his team-mates and the Club. It has been made absolutely clear to Luis SĂșarez that his behaviour was not acceptable.”
Today, Suarez had his apology posted on the LFC website:
” I have spoken with the manager since the game at Old Trafford and I realise I got things wrong. I’ve not only let him down, but also the Club and what it stands for and I’m sorry. I made a mistake and I regret what happened. I should have shaken Patrice Evra’s hand before the game and I want to apologise for my actions. I would like to put this whole issue behind me and concentrate on playing football.”
King Kenny followed with his statement of contrition:
“When I went on TV after yesterday’s game I hadn’t seen what had happened, but I did not conduct myself in a way befitting of a Liverpool manager during that interview and I’d like to apologise for that.”
A little late but nevertheless welcome. We’re all passionate supporters of one club or another and in the heat we bring out our tribal qualities to the fore but we need to step back when clearly something like the Suarez affair proves damaging to the club, the sport and society at large. LFC’s history is unique, they’ve known some of the darkest days in English football. Their statement of support to Al Ahly in the recent Egyptian tragedy which took the lives of so many fans carries weight. One would like to think, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” has a broader message.

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  1. Why did Dalglish wait so long to apologize ? Was it pressure from the owner forcing it out of him? The shirt sponsors also put pressure on him. Why is he so angry with any interviewer? Why dud the club persistently support racism?

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