In which Luis Suarez lies exposed and it is not pretty

This should prove beyond a shadow Luis Suarez meant what he said to Patrice Evra. Every racist word. This does not mean he is a paid member of the KKK. He’s just a prick with a very low threshold for frustration. Many fans in some blind reflexive way believed Suarez was the victim of a smear job and their misguided support probably emboldened him today. But his actions should prove to be an eye-opener for many Liverpool supporters with fewer ulterior motives who would have liked nothing better than a handshake to vindicate that support. Many are waking up to their credit.
The reaction by Rio Ferdinand is a classic. He feels for Evra as he does for his brother.
The more conscientious will surely question the damage Suarez is doing to their club and its storied name. The time will come when the club’s American owners will have to deal with this controversy because here in the USA, this behaviour would have met with zero tolerance.
The horrible thing is what happened to King Kenny? He’s tied himself into knots with his indefensible Suarez is a Nell in the woods tack even laying his reputation on the line that the Uruguayan would shake hands. Well, he did not. And you know why? Because the larger issue is you have spent £ 150m on players and only one of them is delivering. Suarez knows it, the Liverpool fans know it, and by gum, King Kenny knows it. In short, Suarez can do what he wants, sleep with your wife, f**k an armadillo, and attend CPAC as a paid panelist on the Hispanics hate blacks forum or some such thing.
Sir Alex is not waiting around. He is spot on with his declaration that Suarez is poison for Liverpool. And before anyone jumps in with he’s playing mind games as usual, it’s not mind games if you have not won the top domestic prize for 22 years and are equally unlikely to do so with Suarez. You’ve faced reality with uncommon dignity for those many years, why throw it away over one player?
Who’s betting Suarez will leave at the end of the season to the chants of “You’ll always walk alone.”

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