Cesc Fabregas still loves Arsenal

The former Arsenal midfielder is enjoying a renaissance at Barca where he now scores goals regularly through headers, a hitherto unknown phenomenon.
He continues to blossom in the bastion of greatness aided by an unsurpassed system and a perfectionist coach. But Arsenal is never too far from his mind. He felt every bit devastated as did every Gooner when AC Milan humiliated us at the San Siro.
“It’s been painful because I want them to do well as a club, and they’re my friends and then there is the boss, who I admire so much and who I’m so grateful to.”
In an interview with the Guardian which leaves one a bit misty eyed, he also makes clear that the path forward for the club is to recommit to Arsene Wenger, his mentor and guide through the formative years in football.
“The boss is very strong and he believes in the club so much I am sure he will find a means to bring Arsenal back to where it belongs.”
Such loyalty is hard to find nowadays. Fabregas will always be a class act.

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2 comments on “Cesc Fabregas still loves Arsenal
  1. Loyalty? From the man who forced his way out of the club after being thrown a lifeline and nurtured into a world-class player? Barca undervalued him, threw him away, deemed him expendable. Arsenal and Wenger believed in him and made him into a superstar, he abandoned us and you laud his loyalty, of all things?
    What’s next, a glowing review of Samir Nasri? An emotional review of the potential return of Adabayor?

  2. Jaileer, Samir Nasri started looking elsewhere after half a season of good football. Adebayor had one good season when he started talking up AC Milan. They all wanted more money. Not so with Fab. He was a Gunner for 8 years, four of them as a talisman. He did not cut and run at the first hint of Barca’s interest – it took them three years of playing mind games to pry him out. In those years he provided unmatchable quality and heart to the midfield. I still cannot forget the season with Flamini as a deputy. Or the penalty he took with a broken leg against Barca. Or squaring up to Mark Hughes or spitting at Hull. He was Arsenal and he left for his boyhood club also out of a sense of loyalty. Not money. They don’t make them like Fabregas any more.

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