Eric Abidal will undergo a liver transplant

Who can forget the Santiago Bernabeu erupting in applause as Eric Abidal walked into the limelight of the Champions League finals last year, his first appearance in months, battling liver cancer. Barca was already enjoying a special moment cruising to the title over Man Utd. Abidal’s brief appearance was the cherry on top. There is something about triumphing over personal adversity that always catches our throat but even more so with Abidal who has done it with grace, humility, and a positive outlook on life.
So it comes as a shock that he is to undergo a liver transplant in the next few weeks. This is serious. The surgery is long and Abidal will have to take immunosuppressives for the rest of his life. The most important part in all this is the risk of tissue rejection is low given his level of fitness. Abidal should be able to lead a normal, healthy life with certain modifications. One of those modifications might have to be giving up football. As a precaution’s he’s to avoid trauma to that area which will be next to impossible given football is a contact sport.
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As they say never say never. Abidal has triumphed over these long odds before and he could do it again. Personally, he would be great as a manager or an ambassador of the sport. Best of luck, Eric.

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