The backlash to Andre Villa Boas departure begins

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Welcome to Chelsea Football Club
Big Phil Scolari says working under Roman Abramovich will be “hell” for the next Chelsea manager. Scolari was the club’s coach for seven months before he was unceremoniously shown the door.
Richard Bevan, the CEO of the League Manager’s Association stated categorically Chelsea had become an “embarrassment.” Elaborating further, he said, “What’s for sure is the club, despite unlimited wealth, haven’t yet worked out how to build a successful football club.”
Arsene Wenger, a manager who knows a thing or two about being under the gun chimed in:
“I feel sorry for Andre Villas-Boas because I know him and I like him as manager and as a man. I’m sorry that he was not given enough time to do his job. When you’re not given time you have no chance.”
Roman Abramovich’s problem is he lives in a constant need for expediency. Not for him the hard work or long term vision of building an institution. Managers are chattel. Soulless vessels to bring him instant gratification. The fans have to realize that and it is they in a unique position to pressure their owner to change his ways.

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2 comments on “The backlash to Andre Villa Boas departure begins
  1. The problem is that many fans these days are driven by the same expediency, especially at the top. AVB may have been taken on on the basis of his three year strategy but once he had signed on the dotted line it was always going to be instant success or else.
    It is different lower down. When you support a perpetual League One club as I do you will settle for anyone with his own transport and a 20-year plan. But not at Chelsea.
    AVB is young enough and bright enough to bounce back from this. But he made a mistake going to Stamford Bridge.
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