Helped by bumbling officials, Utd tighten grip beating QPR, 2-0

szólj hozzá: Manchester 1-0 QPR
This has been a bad weekend for the men in charge of match proccedings. Today’s edition of bumbling officials featured Lee Mason and Ceri Richards conspiring to send QPR’s Shaun Derry off for a love tap on Ashley Young who fell on the pitch like he had been poleaxed. The spot kick was duly converted by Wayne Rooney. The worst of it: Young was offside by at least two yards and this should have been a free kick to QPR.
For the next 75 minutes, QPR played a man down making their long odds even longer. Utd obviously was in no mood to let go off that gift wrapped offering. It was a sea of red around the QPR D and only Paddy Kenny making some out of this world saves kept the margin from growing larger. Like sharks smelling blood, Utd just kept circling and circling with the question being when the citadel would be breached. It took the second half and a terrible miscue by Adel Taraabt for Paul Scholes to seize his opportunity to thunder a shot which bounced awkwardly before Kenny and scoot past him for an insurance goal. Old Trafford could breathe easier with the familiar feeling of yet another Premiership title coming home.

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