Sol Campbell’s poorly timed article reveals little

Sol Campbell is a class player. The best Arsenal centre back and probably one of England’s best in that position. He has a new gig as Guardian commentator but one wishes he had not written this as a first article.
Arsenal are in the midst of a crucial campaign to finish in the top four and to second guess the squad and suggest changes to the back room staff can wait till the end of the season. Campbell is not some blogger (ahem…. ) trying to generate noise to drive traffic to his site. He is a club legend writing for one of the most respected news outlets in the world. His opinion matters to many and he will get a listen to but this is hardly the time as tomorrow his former club face one of their sternest tests in that commitment.
A more salutatory piece on Arsenal’s comeback or the Ox as one of the most promising English talents to emerge or tactical advice to Vermaelen and Kos on how to stop Silva and Aguero would have been more fitting. After reading the article one also finds that it really adds little to what we already know. Wenger as neat freak concerned about dust accumulation while simultaneously littering the sidelines with thrown water bottles. That’s some contradiction. Was that also picked up in Japan?

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