Hall of Shame: Samir Nasri

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Samir Nasri almost cost City the title when he mistakenly let the ball go out of bounds thinking it was off QPR
The former Arsenal midfielder couldn’t sit back and enjoy City’s historic season. He had to resort to a cheap shot at his old club underlining that very true adage, “money doesn’t buy you class.”
He’s a footnote in City’s season having contributed little to their first ever Premiership title. City forked out over £20m for him and the only visual of Nasri one has is his desperate attempts to run circles around the opposition trying to resurrect that goal he scored against Porto while at Arsenal.
He was seventh fiddle to David Silva, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Adam Johnson and Mario Balotelli who all scored more goals. Mancini would start him and then yank him out after Nasri’s meanderings would go nowhere. His five goals in 30 matches and 2245 playing minutes represents a very poor return on investment. Comparably, his Arsenal career was far more productive at all levels of competition.
The bottomline: He wanted more money and nothing he does can ever whitewash that fact.

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2 comments on “Hall of Shame: Samir Nasri
  1. Thanks, Mo. Really can’t fathom Nasri’s reaction. He should be basking in his club’s success not resorting to petty, baseless attacks on his former club.

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