Jack Wilshere to undergo knee surgery

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Let us be anxious. Just a little bit. This is a 21 year old footballer who has already missed a whole season for his ankle problem for which the club and its medical staff seemed to think the cure was around the corner. Now that this injury has kept him out of the 2012 Euro comes the news that he is to undergo a “minor” knee surgery which is a complication arising from said ankle problem.
Jack Wilshere is also the reason why Arsene Wenger and Arsenal will not make any more investment in the midfield. In fact, Wenger was betting on Wilshere rejoining the side in the second half after this January’s disastrous start. Till Tomas Rosicky sparked that six match winning streak but again faded as Arsenal went into the mini swoon in end April that provoked so much Champions League anxiety.
We have Aaron Ramsey still feeling the after effects of that Ryan Shawcross bone breaker months after his return. The Wales captain struggled, his timing was off, and in what should have been his forte was supplanted by Song in creating those dial up passes at the cost of defensive duties. Wilshere could also face a prolonged acclimatization even after being declared match fit.
Having two creative cogs coming back after such long injury absences with differing paces of rehabilitation leaves the midfield with too many X factors for the forthcoming season. It burdens a 31 year old with spearheading the attack, a holding midfielder whose first priority should be to protect backfield, and a former Everton midfielder with organizational skills which were only appreciated in hindsight. The midfield is a work in progress and Wenger cannot afford risk keeping it that way.

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