More evidence Venky’s is the worst owner in the Premiership

Venky play foul in Blackburn takeover
After two years one still doesn’t quite know why Venky’s decided to takeover Blackburn. The one thing that has been established unequivocally is that they did not do it because they loved football. The other imperative of raising the company’s profile internationally by investing in a brand is also not being borne out by their step sisterly treatment of Rovers.
Step sister maybe an apt description of the way Anuradha Desai, Venky’s CEO seems to have chosen in dealing with the club. Paul Hunt, Blackburn’s deputy CEO in an extraordinary letter leaked to the press documents a 10 point proposal of how to reverse the club’s course. In it he reveals how the ownership kept the board of directors at arms length, failed to take steps to sack Steve Kean, and almost brought the club to bankruptcy. Here is an example of Venky’s disinterest and apathy.
” Regular visits to meet the owners in India. Six months after his appointment as deputy CEO, Hunt reveals, he has not met Desai.”
Now they stand relegated from the Premiership for the first time in 11 years following their loss to Wigan on Monday.

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