The 3 minutes Joey Barton gave City changed their world

As the Guardian points, Joey Barton’s hysterics gave City the extra time they desperately needed to transform their fortunes. Conversely, Barton going neanderthal also sank United’s Premiership hopes. If I were him, he would be well advised to steer clear of anything movable that Sir Alex could get his hands on.
And a corollary to this all. Could there be any more significant elbow in the history of the Premiership as the one Carlos Tevez landed on Barton? The Argentinian did not contribute anything with his feet but his elbow, now that is immeasurable.

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2 comments on “The 3 minutes Joey Barton gave City changed their world
  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m reading Declan Hill’s book now: And Barton’s actions sure did help out his old club didn’t they? Coupled with his past, it is not much of a stretch to make one wonder if the fix was in. But, honestly, who knows? It sure would be hard to script such drama.

  2. Kev, that is a bit too far fetched. If we’ve learned one thing over the years it is that Barton’s actions aren’t guided by any forethought. Now, I could buy City doing that on purpose yanking Barton’s chain and expecting a reaction like that.

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