Andrea Pirlo’s failed panenka against Barcelona

Andrea Pirlo’s delectable panenka against Joe Hart to level Italy on penalties is one of the definitive highlights of the 2012 Euro. But he knew what a risk he was taking because two years ago, he tried the same against Barca and failed miserably. Milan were playing Barca for the Joan Gamper trophy as both teams tied, 1-1 in regulation and extra time. Barca won, 3-1 on penalties.

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2 comments on “Andrea Pirlo’s failed panenka against Barcelona
  1. Speaking of the latest Euro penalties, did Mario Balotelli point to the corner in which he scored? If so, it follows (or sets) Pirlo’s theme of derision.

  2. Mo, I did notice Balotelli and Joe Hart having a bit of a psyching each other out ritual before the penalty – two City team mates going at each other but are you telling me the Italians were snooker like picking corners beforehand? Maybe they just knew the English were going to be terrible when it came to scoring their penalties.

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